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Deal Closer Digital Beyond Video: Mobile Photography, Professional Copywriting and Public Relations

Updated: Jun 27

Deal Closer Digital is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Tampa, Florida. After only one year of operation, they have excelled at 10+ industries from healthcare technology to national philanthropy. Their speed-to-quality ratio is unparalleled. The co-founders, Ben Sever and Drew Barnett, believe in employing cross-functional industry experts who are proficient in photography/videography, but also have expertise in copywriting, brand storytelling, social media management, editing and operational frameworks. "We work with hyper-growth start ups or either progressive enterprises who believe in micro-branding for momentum. You no longer need a project lead, location scout, creative director, developer, editor, etc. for one project. Any more than 2-3 true professionals on any creative project is an antiquated, unnecessary waste of resources. Every client of ours is assigned two executives who are proficient in the entire creative lifecycle. We also leverage our 30+ national board of career innovative CEOs to always ensure Fortune 500 quality," said Ben Sever.

Drew Barnett, Deal Closer Digital's Chief Creative Officer, has spent the last 10 years studying emerging technologies such as commercial drone cameras, "one-wheel gimbal" perspectives and has a proprietary process and archive of frameworks to provide expedited methodologies of delivery. Some of Deal Closer Digital's most noteworthy clients include Synapse Florida, UBS, Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Champa Bay Sports.

Contact Information: branding@dconetwork.com

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